How to Win with No Deposit Bonuses

You might have heard some players talking about receiving free money or no deposit bonuses at an online casino and wondered if it is possible and why they will do something like that. Well, the short answer is, to give you the opportunity to take a tour through the casino and allow you to try some of the games before committing to the casino.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Mainly there are three types of no deposit bonuses. You also need to take care to ensure if the bonuses you are receiving are cashable or not. If they are not cashable, you can only wager with these credits, but you will not be able to cash them out.

  • Free Spins The first and most common one is the free spins. Free spins are convenient for slot machines as you are able to get to investigate the game and all its options. If you are a frequent player, then you can use these spins to build up your bankroll. Free spins have wagering requirements before you are able to cash out any of your winnings. Once you have signed up successfully, the free spins will immediately be available and added to your account, unless the casino requires you to redeem it with a certain code.
  • No deposit bonuses No deposit bonuses are normally very popular amongst online casinos. Once you have created your account, they will award you with a no deposit bonus. It will normally be coupled with some of their promotional slots for you to try out before you deposit real money. In other instances like roulette, you will receive free chips which you can treat the same as the no deposit bonus.
  • No deposit bonuses can become very expensive to casino owners; therefore, they prefer to provide free spins. However, the bonus amount they provide allows players to play at least ten times on video slots.
  • Free Play The third no deposit bonus type is free play which was quite popular in the early days of gambling. Casinos used to give new players a certain amount of free money, for example, $1000 to play with. This would be issued with very steep betting requirements. Once the requirements were fulfilled, you were able to cash out the remaining amount of your winning total; however, only a certain cash out amount was allowed, commonly $100 was the norm.

Players took advantage of these bonuses and resulted in high losses for casinos. Thus, these bonuses are very rarely found in the online casinos today.